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United States Mainland - Satellite Raised Relief Three Dimensional 3D map
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United States Mainland - Satellite 3D Raised Relief Map

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    Size: 22" x 35"
    Scale: 1: 6,250,000 or 1" = 100 Miles
    Raised relief three-dimensional maps provide an unique tactile experience to map reading. Touching the maps allow you to truly understand the terrain. For over 30 years as an authorized dealer of these maps, we have placed these maps in schools, offices, real estate offices, rental houses, restaurants, welcome centers and homes. Whether you are using this for education or for decoration, raised relief 3D maps make a perfect gift.
    How are they made?
    Each raised relief map starts as a map printed on a flat sturdy sheet of vinyl. It is carefully registered over a 3D model that is made from USGS digital elevation model data. The vinyl is heated to make it pliable and a vacuum is created to form the map over the model.
    Take a look at the process below.

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